Ant Control Service in Bangladesh

Ants invading your space? Our ant control service in Bangladesh has the solution!

Our team of expert technicians uses safe and effective methods to eliminate ants and prevent future infestations. We offer a free inspection and consultation to assess the severity of the problem and develop a customized plan of action.

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Ant Control Service in Bangladesh

More than 54% of pest professionals suggest that ant infestation rates are alarmingly increasing. So, you are more likely to encounter ant nests, colonies, or trails indoors or outdoors. And ant bites are irritating to deal with, especially during your sleep.


To eliminate the infestation it is better to reach out to ant control services in Bangladesh. And at Pest Control Dhaka, we provide services with a money-back guarantee.

Not two ant colonies or nests are the same. And your determination to get rid of the ants can be different based on the severity of the infestation. Keeping these factors in mind, we offer conventional to advanced services. Have a look at them below.


What is Ant Infestation?

A large colony or several nests of ants found at the corner of your home, inside crevices, around the garden, and on the floor is considered to be an infestation.


What is Ant Control Services in Bangladesh?

Ant control services in Bangladesh are the methods such as spreading anti-ant granules, setting ant baits, and sprinkling organic powder to treat and prevent ant infestation. The services can also include insecticide spraying.


What Ant Control Services to Expect from Pest Control Dhaka?




Pest Control Dhaka provides both indoor and outdoor services to eliminate ants from your home, garden, warehouse, and any given area. Based on the infestation, your determination, and need, the services can be eco-friendly, conventional, and customized. Here is what to expect from us –


1. Eco-Friendly Services

Our eco-friendly services are for those who are against man-made damage to the environment. If you are one of them, you will surely not want any chemical residue in the air due to sprays or insecticides. And the methods and ingredients used in the services are not toxic to nature.

If there are several ant nests in the corner of your home, we mainly apply diatomaceous earth powder along the nests. Also, if there are holes in your wooden furniture sets, we spread the powder throughout the holes so that the carpenter ants do not get to hide in them.

As the diatomaceous powder is not poisonous, you might be thinking of the effectiveness of the service. But do not worry, this powder dries the ants out by absorbing the oil from their bodies. It takes a few minutes to kill the ants in the nests.

However, if you do not want any form of powder lying around your home considering your pets’ safety, we have alternative ingredients ready for this service. If you have pets, we will use essential oils or liquids made of orange, neem, and lemons.

The citric acid from the oils kills the ants on contact. Also, the scents help to prevent future ant infestation.


2. Ant Baits and Traps

If the area is infected with Ant colonies, the services used for ant nests will not suffice. Because ant colonies are resistant to organic repellents. And they build their colony around the queen to help her lay eggs and grow the colony. Even if the repellents can kill the worker ants, the queen and eggs can spread the infestation. So, we use the baits and traps method for this service.

Our expert team knows where to place the baits or covered pods after inspecting the place. And once the worker ants carry the poison kept in the baits to their colony, the whole colony consumes it and dies immediately.

Also, we use ant traps to capture and kill the colony. After that, we dispose of the dead ants.


3. Ant Sprays

Ants can hide in the wall cracks or other small holes where we cannot properly spread the liquid or powder. In that case, we provide ant spray service indoors and outdoors. This is a fast-acting service against an ant colony.

And if you want to keep your porch or garden ant-free, we use barrier sprays. But before you take this service, you should remove your pets from the place as the sprays are toxic to them.


4. Ant Granules

We use ant granules for our outdoor ant control service. We spread poisonous granules around the places ants have been trafficking.

Once the ants eat the granules, they die within 15 minutes. This service is effective against a large population of ants, and the granules will not do any harm to your plants.


When to Call Pest Control Dhaka?

Ant is a common insect that you can encounter indoors or outdoors now and then. So, there is no need to call pest control management if there are a few ants at your place. But some signs tell that the ants are spreading their infestation and thriving. And here are those signs listed below –

  • If you find fine dust around or under the wooden furniture sets, this means the carpenter ants are building their nests.
  • Ant nests around your garden are a sign of an infestation.
  • If you come across several ant trails on the floor or wall, you are likely dealing with an ant infestation.

Once you start seeing these signs, you should contact our professional team.




Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):



How do professionals get rid of ants?

Professionals use different methods to get rid of ants. Sometimes they spray indoors and outdoors, place bait, or trap. And other times, they also use natural ingredients to deal with ants.


How fast can an exterminator get rid of ants?

How fast an exterminator can get rid of ants depends on the methods used. Their spray and ant granules can eliminate ants within 15 minutes. But the organic repellents can take longer to do so.


Do ants get worse after spraying?

Not all the repellents found on the market can work effectively against all strains of ants. So, sometimes spraying ants with cheaper sprays can worsen the infestation issue. It is better not to use any spray without the guidance of pest control.




Not all ant control services in Bangladesh will provide eco-friendly services, unlike Pest Control Dhaka. And based on the different budgets of the clients, we have divided our package into different service sections.


Our methods work well to prevent recurring ant infestation. We also provide rodent control services in Bangladesh along with other pest control services. So, you can call us if needed.


We do not recommend eliminating infestation on your own. Because some unsupervised methods can worsen the situation than it already is. So, it is better to leave the situation to a professional.



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