Wood Borer Control Service in Bangladesh

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Wood Borer Control Service in Bangladesh


In recent times, the number of Bangladeshi households dealing with wood borer infestation has increased from 46% to 48%. And before the borers chew up your favorite wooden structure, you should look for infestation signs around your place.

If you find any, do not think twice before contacting wood borer control service in Bangladesh. Ask why? Because only a professional team can provide you with the most effective services against the borers.

As Pest Control Dhaka tries to produce a long-term result against borer infestation, we apply categorized methods to deal with different species of borers. Also, we use our methods by maintaining health and safety regulations, unlike most pest control.


What is Wood Borer Infestation?

When a large number of wood-boring beetles make small holes in the tree or wooden furniture to live and maintain their lifecycle there, it is simply called wood borer infestation.


What is Wood Borer Control Services in Bangladesh?

Wood borer control services in Bangladesh minimize the infestation issues mainly by spraying insecticide and using nature-friendly treatments made of natural ingredients. At times, the services include fumigating the infested areas.


What Wood Borer Control Services Do We Provide?

There are different types of wood borer species. There is no guarantee that all the wood borer infestations will be the same. So, we offer various services to treat different types of infestation. And here are the details of that –




1. General Service 

We generally spray insecticides for the most common wood-boring beetles. Once the wood borers come in contact with the insecticides, they die immediately. Then we dispose of the dead pests.

The products used in this service cannot be directly sprayed into the air because they are highly toxic. So, we do not recommend spraying them on your own because you will not know how to apply them by maintaining health and safety regulations.

If the wood-boring beetle infestation is around the wooden door and window frames, beneath furniture, and wooden flooring, you will need an insecticide spraying service. Because only sprays can get inside the frames and crevices.

Borers can feast on your trees or shrubs too. And this service takes care of that issue as well. We mainly spray the insecticides over the tree trunk, branches, and soil around the infested areas. Do not worry, the chemical will only deal with the borers, it will not do any harm to your plants.

2. Eco-Friendly Treatment

If you want a safer way to eliminate borers so that no chemical residue is left around your garden, pests, or home, we have an eco-friendly service ready for you. We do not use any insecticides to provide this treatment. We solely rely on natural and non-toxic powders, essence, or spray.

We sprinkle Diatomaceous earth powder around the infected areas indoors and outdoors. And when the borers crawl all over the powder, they die immediately.

In order to kill the eggs, we prefer using a solution made of garlic and water. Note that borers cannot tolerate garlic essence. Moreover, it irritates and eliminates them. But this solution does take time to show results.

3. Fumigation

The fumigation service is only for heavily infested areas. And it is one of the fastest services to remove wood borers from your place. Though it is costly, if used correctly, it prevents borers from infesting your home again.

Fumigation requires expert supervision. Otherwise, it can endanger your health. But do not worry, as we take all the precautions before fumigating.


How to Identify Wood Borer Infestation? 


You need to identify the signs of wood borer infestation to understand the severity of it. So, let’s move on to the signs:


  • If you see tiny holes in your wooden furniture or cabinets, it means that the infestation has already advanced. Adult borers mainly cause these holes due to their lifecycle.
  • Summer weather is ideal for wood borers. So, during the summer season or May to August, you might encounter adult borers emerging from the holes. The live sightings of the pests indicate that borers have started spreading the infestation.
  • You will spot dead beetles or borers around the wooden furniture sets, trees, or shrubs. Borers die after a few days of reaching their maturity stage. So, the dead borer sighting is also a sign of severe infestation.
  • If there is an infestation, you are likely to see sawdust or fine powder around the wooden structure. Because wood borers chew up the wood. The sawdust can be hard to spot from a distance, so you need to have a close look.
  • Crumbly edges on the wooden flooring, door, or window frames also is a warning sign of an advanced infestation.





Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):


What is the best remedy against borers?

If there is no advanced wood borer infestation, using DIY or eco-friendly remedies such as garlic essence, Diatomaceous earth powder, and non-toxic insecticides will suffice. But if you do not want future infestation issues, it is better to call pest control. Because they will fumigate the areas to kill borers and prevent recurring infestation.


How do you get borers out of wood?

Borers make small holes in wooden structures or trees to maintain their lifecycle. Once you spray into the wood holes or sprinkle powders inside the holes, they will come out. Also, heat treatment used by professional exterminators triggers the borers to come out.


How do you fix borers?

There are several ways to treat borer infestation. You can use insecticide, spray solution, or fumigate the infested areas. Also, removing infested wood minimizes the spread of the infestation.


Can you save a tree with borers?

Once a borer infestation starts attacking your trees or shrubs, you need to treat the soil or tree immediately. Otherwise, you have to remove the entire tree. If you apply insecticide or nature-friendly chemical treatments on the soil or tree trunks, you can eliminate borers from the trees.



Wood borer control services in Bangladesh are easily available. But before you hire anyone, it is better to go through the service details they provide. Only then you can understand what type of service will fit your needs and budget. We have already described our services above. But for any further queries, feel free to reach out to Pest Control Dhaka customer service.

While dealing with the soil to save your trees from borers, you are likely to trigger ants to enter your home. So, if you encounter ant infestation, you can head to our Ant control services in Bangladesh.



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