Rodent Control Service in Bangladesh

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Rodent Control Service in Bangladesh


Approximately 37% of Bangladeshi homeowners or residents have seen rodents at their places in the past year. The rate of rodent infestation is alarmingly increasing, especially in congested areas.

And without a proper pest control service, it is not plausible to deal with the large population of rats. So, you are probably here to choose from the rodent control service in Bangladesh that produce the most effective result.

Pest Control Dhaka services include humane and chemical treatments based on your preferences. Because we know some of our clients want to chase the rats away instead of killing them. Also, we provide services for commercial areas too. For better insight, jump into the next section straight away.


What is Rodent Infestation?

Indeed, rodent or rat infestation occurs when a large number of rats start hiding and living at your home, warehouse, or business place. You can find the infestation mainly in the attic, or elevated areas of your home.


What is Rodent Control Service in Bangladesh?

Like many pest control services, rodent control services in Bangladesh apply techniques and methods to deal with a rat infestation in the best way possible. The services are using rodenticides, ultrasonic repellers, fumigation, and setting rat traps.




What Services Do We Offer to Keep You Safe from Rodents?

Based on the severity of the rodent infestation and infected area, we offer general to advanced services. And sometimes, we may use the combination of these services to prevent any recurring infestation. Here are the details of our services –


1. Rat Baits and Traps

One of the most common rodent control services in Bangladesh is to use of rat traps and baits. And Pest Control Dhaka provides this service as well. But unlike most pest control, we have made adjustments to the service considering some risk factors and your preferences.

We know that not all our clients want to kill rodents. For that matter, we use live traps for this service. We set the traps with baits or food along the rat runways, and we capture almost all the rats we take the traps out.

Unlike other pest control, we do not use glue traps. Why? Because glue traps do more harm than good. Due to sticky traps, captured rats urinate and spread disease. So, to keep your house safe from rat diseases, we mainly use live traps and bait.

However, this service is good for small apartments. But if you are struggling with a large rodent population, you can go through our other services as described below.

2. Ultrasonic Repeller 

If you are in a commercial area or the rodent population is large at your place, using chemical insecticides will not be enough to deal with the infestation. Keeping that in mind, along with our bait service we use an ultrasonic repeller.

Once we dial and set the repeller, it sends sound signals to all the hideouts and rats. However, this sound is inaudible to human ears, so you do not have to deal with sound pollution. But the rats cannot tolerate this sound and they leave the area. This service is also humane in getting rid of rods.

So, if you are against using any chemical ingredient because of your pets or other issues, we recommend booking this service. However, if you are thinking of handling the ultrasonic repeller alone, let us remind you that your place needs proper sanitization after using this technology.

So, it is better to leave the technology to expert exterminators. Otherwise, a recurring infestation can be an issue.

3. Fumigation 

The fumigation service is quite costly. But it gives the best result while dealing with rats resistant to toxic insecticides. And our team fumigate the infected area with caution to prevent an explosion.

It is the fastest method to get rid of rats. Also, its best side is it does not leave any chemical residue once the building or room is aired.

4. Rodenticides

If you are looking for a budget-friendly service that works better than the rat baits, our rodenticides method can be a big help to you. For this service, we spread nuts, grains, and seeds mixed with chemicals lethal to rodents.

The rodents die instantly when they eat the food. And then, we take them away and sanitize your home to prevent diseases.


When to Call Pest Control Dhaka Helpers?

If one or two rats have accidentally entered your place, it is comparatively easier to chase them away on your own. But if rodents’ population is large, you will have to call professional exterminators. And here are the signs of a large infestation

If you keep on hearing scratching sounds at night, it means that the rats are climbing or digging something.

Try to check if there are any holes next to the solid objects or structures in your kitchen. If you find any relatively larger hole, then rats are storing food and living inside it.

If you find any debris, cotton, plant materials, or twigs clustered together in the attic or under porches, then the rats are building nests to keep them safe.





Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):



How do professionals get rid of rodents?

Most Professionals use rodenticides to get rid of rodents. Also, there are ultrasonic repellers or traps to keep your home rodents free.

What is the most effective rodent control?

Fumigation is the most effective rodent control. Because it makes sure you do not encounter any infestation for an extended period.

How do I get rid of rodents in my walls?

To get rid of rodents from your walls, you can apply rodenticides or chemical-mixed grains to the holes. Or you can simply contact pest control so that they can fumigate the infected area to eliminate rats in the wall.

Is rodent spray effective?

Rodent spray can be effective for a shorter period to keep rats inactive. But after a few days, they make their way into your home to spread the infestation.



While you are in search of reliable and effective Rodent control services in Bangladesh, you should note whether pest control offers to prevent recurring infestation or not. And you can rely on Pest Control Dhaka because we not only eliminate rats from your home or business but also prevent recurring rat issues!


If you are encountering rat issues, it is likely that termites will also infest your place. Because both species thrive in moist places. So, if needed, feel free to call our termite control services in Bangladesh too.



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