Snake Control Service in Bangladesh

Snakes causing chaos in your space? Our expert team provides safe and effective snake control services in Bangladesh. With affordable pricing and flexible scheduling, you can rest easy knowing your space is snake-free. Say goodbye to sneaky snakes – contact us today to schedule your service!



Snake Control Service in Bangladesh


Almost 21% of all snake infestations are of venomous snakes. So, you should think twice before self-handling an infestation. Otherwise, any wrong step can lead you towards a snake bite.

So, you should leave the situation to expert snake control service in Bangladesh. The professionals take extra precautions before dealing with snakes so that nobody gets into any unwanted situations.

Pest Control Dhaka includes humane methods to control snake infestations. Also, we do not leave the place after eliminating the snakes. We make sure to seal up the entrances so that no snake can reinfest your home. To know more about our services, jump to the next section right away.

What is Snake Infestation? 

In a word, snake infestation occurs when snakes start hiding indoors or outdoors in commercial and residential areas. They feed on other pets and maintain their lifecycle to spread the infestation.


What Is Snake Control Service in Bangladesh? 

Snake control services in Bangladesh implement methods and techniques with the help of repellents, organic treatments, and humane traps to eliminate snake infestation. Sometimes the service may include exclusion to prevent snakes from infesting.




What Snake Control Services Do We Provide?

Snakes are more challenging to deal with than other infestations as most snakes are venomous. So, implanting correct methods and techniques is a must while dealing with them to prevent any unwanted situations.

Keeping these factors in mind, we provide our services as described below by maintaining health and safety regulations –


1. Snake Repellents Spraying

The most common service we implement to control snakes is spraying repellents. We use both granule formula and liquid varieties. Some snakes can be resistant to liquid spray. For them, we spread granules around your yard, near snake habitats and hideouts.

Once they eat the toxic granules, they struggle to slither in any direction. Then we capture them.

Sometimes, snakes hide in crevices and cracks. And it is not plausible to spread granules there. So, we spray pet and kid-friendly liquid repellents in those places.


2. Snake Traps Setting

We set snake traps to control the infestation humanely. If you do not want to kill the snakes, we suggest you take this service as we do not use any lethal baits or chemicals in the snake traps. Instead, we use glue, aroma, and foods that lure the snake to get inside the trap boxes.

The shape of the trap boxes allows the snakes to enter easily, but the snakes will find it difficult to exit the boxes. We mainly set traps for venomous snakes. Once all the snakes get into the boxes, we release them in the wild far away from your place.


3. Organic Treatment 

If you do not have any snake infestation, yet you doubt that snakes can infest your place, especially swimming pools or ponds, then the organic treatment service is for you. We will use essential oils, solutions, and sprays made from natural ingredients to prevent the snakes from entering your yard, home, workplace, or water resources.

We mainly use lime, peppermint, garlic, onions, and vinegar solutions or oils as treatments. The sulfonic acid and scent of these ingredients irritate the snakes and keep them out of your place.

As the treatments used are organic, they do not pollute the water or make the water resources toxic. So, drop your worries that the treated water will irritate your skin or cause any health hazards.


4. Exclusion 

Along with eliminating snake infestations, we provide an exclusion service as well. For this service, we seal up the places that can be the entrance points for snakes to reinfest your home.

We seal the holes and crevices with snake-proof fencing, expanding foam, and a net. The exclusion service is also beneficial to keep rodents and cockroaches away from your home.


What to Do After Getting Help from a Pest Control? 

Once pest control management eliminates the snake infestation, your job is not done. You need to take some precautions as well. Here is what you need to do –


  • If you have a grass lawn or wild grass that grows naturally in your yard, ensure to trim the grass regularly. Otherwise, tall grass will attract the snakes, and they will make it their habitat. Why? Because it is easier for the snakes to hide under the tall grass and maintain their lifecycle in the sun’s warmth. Trimmed grass will help you to see any snake if there is any by accident.
  • You should not pile up wood, debris, or rocks in your garage or yard. Snakes love to hide under piled-up woods to keep them safe from extreme weather and predators. If you want to leave your firewood out, you must cover it with a tarp sealed to the ground.
  • Check whether the three branches of your yard touch the ground outside or not. If yes, trim the branches on a daily basis. Otherwise, snakes can slither along the branches to enter your yard despite the snake-proof fencing.




Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):


What is the Best Way to Control Snakes? 

The best way to control snakes depends on the species of snakes. If they appear to be venomous, it is better to set traps and capture them. Otherwise, spraying snake repellents or sprinkling granules are the best ways to control nonvenomous snakes.


How Do You Control Snakes Naturally? 

You can sprinkle essential oils to keep snakes away from your home. Besides that, using chopped garlic, onions, and vinegar is a natural way to repel snakes.


What Smells Will Keep Snakes Away?

The smell or scent of peppermint, garlic, and onions irritate the snakes. One of the prime reasons behind this is that snakes cannot tolerate the sulfonic acid of these ingredients.


Is it Worth It to Call Pest Control to Treat Snakes?

Yes, it is better to call pest control than self-handling a snake infestation. This is because it requires specific treatments and techniques that the exterminators have to eliminate snakes without any issue.



Not all snake control services in Bangladesh will provide you with exclusion service, unlike Pest Control Dhaka. We get rid of snakes and prevent recurring infestation with our exclusion service.

We strongly discourage you from dealing with snakes on your own. Because you never know which snake bites can be lethal! Other pest infestations can cause snake infestation. So, to deal with all kinds of pests, our fumigation control services in Bangladesh can come in handy!



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