Termite Control Service in Bangladesh

Termites can cause serious damage to your property. But don’t worry, our termite control service in Bangladesh is here to help!

Our team of experienced technicians uses safe and effective methods to eliminate termites and prevent future infestations. We offer a free inspection and consultation to assess the severity of the problem and develop a customized plan of action.

With our affordable pricing and exceptional customer service, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your property is protected from termites. Plus, our flexible scheduling options make it easy to fit termite control into your busy schedule.

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Termite Control Service in Bangladesh


Each year in Bangladesh, Termites damage almost 60000 sets of furniture and stocked products. Also, they spread several diseases to your pets as well. So, if you are a victim of their damages too, you should not delay contacting termite control service in Bangladesh. Why? Because the more you delay, the more difficult it will be to get rid of. And if you are looking for trusted pest control, stick around as we discuss our services right here. And if you are looking for eco-friendly pest control, our Pest Control Dhaka helpers are ready to serve. Since we prioritize your health and the environment we live in, we have included eco-friendly treatment and methods along with chemical ones. Let’s see…


What is Termite Infestation?

Termites are small insects that infest dark and moist places in general. And termite infestation means that they will gather or live near water resources and inside wooden furniture, which eventually causes structural damage.


What is Termite Control Services in Bangladesh?

Termite control services in Bangladesh implement methods by maintaining health and safety regulations to kill and prevent termite infestation. The services include baits, traps, fumigation, and organic oil spraying.


How to Tell If Your Place Has a Serious Termite Problem?

Termites are so small that their infestation is not so easy to identify. Once they start spreading the infestation, regular bug spray will not be enough to deal with them. But whether the termite issue is serious or not can be hard to tell if you are not aware of hideouts and the disease they spread. And to make them easier to identify, we have listed down the signs that scream for professional help from exterminators –


1. Hollow Furniture and Small Holes

If you have wooden furniture and you hardly leave them in the sunlight, termites are likely to infest these furniture sets. Why? Because termites feed on wood and live in it. So, if you tap on your furniture and they sound hollow, termites have made their way inside. Also, if you see small holes in the wall or furniture, this means termites have been at your place for a long period. And they are damaging the internal structure of the furniture.


2. Mud Tubes

Termites know how to keep themselves safe from predators and a dry environment. So, they make several mud tubes with soil and small pieces of wood. It provides them with the moisture they need. You should take a close look at the exterior walls of your warehouse and home. If you find the mud tubes, it means the termites are spreading their infestation

However, if you do not find any termites inside the tubs, do not think that your home is free from them. Guess why? Because they move onto the new corners and places of your home to infest.


3. Droppings

When there is an advanced infestation, termites dropping will be all over your house, especially in the cabinet, under the cardboard, or beside wooden furniture sets.

The droppings look like dry powder. So, you might mistake them for dirt. In order to keep your surfaces and furniture free from these and germs, you better call exterminators.



What are the Termite Control Services in Bangladesh We Provide?

Pest Control Dhaka does not only care about keeping your home free from termites, but we also care about our environment. And that is the reason most of the services we provide are eco-friendly.

Have a look below to get more details on our services –


1. Eco-Friendly Treatment 

Most bug sprays or chemicals used generally to kill termites are toxic to indoor plants and pets. And if anyone at your place has asthma, then it is better to avoid applying sprays. For that matter, we offer eco-friendly treatments that include natural methods and ingredients to kill termites.

Instead of using a chemical spray, we dilute water with orange oil to make our organic spray for this service. Once the termites come in contact with this spray they die immediately. So, if you are looking for a quick way to get rid of termites without leaving the air toxic to inhale, this service is for you.

Also, if you are allergic to any chemical treatment, we mainly go for the orange oil spray treatment. Because its residue does not cause any allergic reaction if you come in contact with it.

If you are in doubt about whether the oil sprays can kill termite infestation inside the cracks or not, let us assure you that we also use natural powders to produce the best result.

So, based on your determination and the type of hideouts, we use boric acid, diatomaceous earth powder, or oil sprays to offer the service.

2. Fumigation

If you are in a commercial area, you will more likely need the fumigation service. And it is risky to fumigate a large room or space on your own. This is because you will not understand how to handle toxic chemical sprays.

We fumigate areas with a combination of sprays based on the infestation type you are struggling with. If you are damp and congested, fumigation will be the most effective service to take up as such areas are termites’ favorite conditions to thrive. And they grow their resistance to natural termite killers.

3. Termite Bait

In some areas, applying a huge amount of natural and chemical treatment is prohibited, especially near water resources or agricultural fields. So, to keep the places safe from contamination we provide termite bait services as well.

Only a trained exterminator will know what type of methods to use to install and place the baits around infected areas. So, we do not recommend placing the bait without our guidance.



Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):


How Much Is Pest Control For Termites?

Pest control offers general to advanced services based on your needs and preferences. So, no two services to kill termites cost the same. In order to know the exact cost, it is better to call the customer service of your preferred pest control.


Do Termite Bait Stations Work?

Yes, termite bait stations work when the baits are most effective in killing the termites around water resources.


How Do You Control Termites?

You can control termites for a shorter period with home remedies. Also, you can contact pest control to keep your place free from termites for a long period.



You can surely control termites to an extent with home remedies. But if you want to see a better result for an extended period, we recommend reaching out to our termite control services in Bangladesh.

While fumigating or diluting sprays, you might not know the perfect ratio to prevent any health hazard or explosion. But our Pest Control Dhaka helpers come prepared with prevention.

Other than termites, we also provide cockroach control services in Bangladesh as well. So, you can reach out to us for further queries on different services.



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