Mosquito Control Service in Bangladesh

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Mosquito Control Service in Bangladesh


Mosquito bites can cause one million deaths globally every year. And mosquito infestation is increasing alarmingly in Bangladesh. And treating these infestations on your own is not a plausible task.

So, if you want to protect yourself from diseases and mosquito bites, get help from mosquito control service in Bangladesh right here.

Pest Control Dhaka aims not only to eliminate the mosquito population but also to use techniques to prevent recurring infestation. Based on the type of habitats, the severity of the infestation, and your preference for or against insecticide, we go for different methods and services. And for your better understanding, we will list down our services in detail.


What is Mosquito Infestation?


In a nutshell, mosquito infestation is a common problem these days that mostly occurs near swamps, temporary puddles, clogged ditches, and such areas.


What is Mosquito Control Services in Bangladesh?

The mosquito control services in Bangladesh treat those infestations with organic, insecticide spraying, misting, and fumigation methods to keep you safe. And to minimize the particular issues, mosquito control, in other words, eliminating these infestations is a must!




What Mosquito Control Services in Bangladesh Pest Control Dhaka Provides?

Pest Control Dhaka applies different methods to deal with mosquitos found on different breeding grounds or habitats. Have a look at them below –


1. Natural and Organic Mosquito Treatment 


Our natural and organic service is mainly for residential areas or indoors. Because most residents do not want toxic residue in the air. Also, if you tend to keep your campsites, party, or festival avenues free from mosquitos for a few days, this service will suffice.

We generally use a solution made of garlic cloves to keep the mosquitos away. We spray the solution all over the mosquito habitats, and they leave the place instantly. Because they cannot tolerate the sulfuric essence of garlic. Some mosquitos even die once they come in contact with the solution.

If there is water stagnation around your place, we sprinkle coffee grounds on the water. And mosquitos living in the water do not come back to that place, as long as the coffee grounds are there. Also, mosquito eggs struggle to find enough oxygen to live due to the coffee grounds.

However, this organic treatment does not guarantee a long-term result against mosquitos. Also, if the mosquito infestation is at an advanced stage, you will need to take the services described below.

2. Mosquito Misting and Fumigation 

Our expert helpers use a mosquito misting system to treat heavily infested surfaces. The chemical mist dispensed from the misting machine can spread with ease throughout the mosquito habitats. This service is kid and pet friendly, so you do not have to worry about their health once the mist is dispensed into the air.

Unlike misting, it is easier to cover a larger infested area with fumigation. So, if you are in a commercial area, we recommend taking the fumigation service.

We fumigate the area with fog and spray to treat existing mosquitoes and larvae. And it will keep your area mosquito free for about 4 months.

3. Backpack Spraying

The most common method to keep you safe from mosquitos is backpack spraying. We spray powerful insecticides all over the area. And it instantly eliminates the mosquitoes.

It is tedious and time-consuming to spray from a can with your hands. Therefore, we use knapsack tanks to cover larger infested areas within a few minutes. However, you need to handle the tank by maintaining health and safety regulations.

Otherwise, it can cause health hazards or fire. So, it is better to call pest control management to do the job.


When to Call Pest Control to Treat Mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes are pretty common all over Bangladesh. So, you might think that using repellents or mosquito coils is more than enough to deal with them.




But if there is a mosquito infestation at your place, you must call pest control to eliminate the infestation. Because store-bought repellents do not work well against any infestation. And here is how you can identify a mosquito infestation –


  • It is normal to hear the buzzing sound of mosquitoes daily. But if you start hearing a high-pitched buzzing sound, it means there is a mosquito infestation.
  • Noticing a huge number of mosquito bite marks is also a sign of advanced infestation. Mosquitoes start biting frequently mainly to lay eggs and spread the infestation.
  • If you have a flower garden, and there is an infestation, you are likely to notice a wave of mosquitoes hovering above the flowers. Why? Because male mosquitos feast on flower nectar.
  • Sweet foods such as fruit, candy, chocolates, and cake attract female mosquitoes. So, if you see them hovering over your food, it is time to call pest control.


Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):


How do I permanently get rid of mosquitoes?

If your area or home is not heavily infested, you can easily get rid of mosquitoes permanently. All you have to do is regularly clean the standing water in the flower vase or plant tub, keeping the gutters debris free so that they cannot clog.

Also, it is better to spray lavender oil or garlic solution once in a while.


How much does it cost to fog for mosquitoes?

Just like wood borer control services in Bangladesh, fogging service to eliminate mosquitoes is also costly. Because this method requires advanced knapsack, nozzles, extra precautions, and handling techniques.

And it guarantees long-lasting protection against mosquitoes. So, you have to pay around $30 to $50 extra bucks for this.


What is the best control for mosquitoes?

The best control for mosquitoes depends on the severity of the infestation. If there is an advanced infestation, it is better to fumigate the area. If not, you can apply DIY or organic remedies to keep you safe from mosquitoes for an extended period.


Is it worth getting mosquito treatment?

If you buy regular insecticides or treatments from a local store, they will not be effective against mosquitoes. Also, they cannot prevent recurring infestation.



Mosquitoes look tiny but they are extremely resistant to some insecticides or natural repellents. It is difficult to eliminate an infestation with a repellent. And that is the reason we suggest getting help from mosquito control services in Bangladesh instead of handling the infestation alone.

Remember that you can worsen an infestation if you do not use the correct treatments or insecticides. But Pest Control Dhaka guarantees to leave the situation better to keep you safe from mosquitoes.



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