Fly Control Service in Bangladesh

Sick of pesky flies buzzing around your space? Our fly control service in Bangladesh has got you covered! Our experienced technicians provide safe and effective solutions to eliminate and prevent fly infestations. With affordable pricing and flexible scheduling options, you can enjoy a fly-free space without breaking the bank. Say goodbye to fly-induced headaches – contact us today to schedule your fly control service!



Fly Control Service in Bangladesh


Almost 55% of the Bangladeshi population is at risk of house flies diseases. And due to congested areas and damp places, it is easier for the flies to infest here. So, a cluster of flies is a common sight nowadays.

But if you want to keep yourself safe and healthy from these flies, contact our fly control service in Bangladesh.

Pest Control Dhaka knows when to use what methods to deal with indoors and outdoors flies. Also, we use different services to eliminate different kinds of flies and their breeding cycle. So, you do not have to worry that some remaining larvae may infest your home again.


What is Fly Infestation?

Fly infestation is nothing but a large cluster of flies living and maintaining their lifecycle in damp, moist, and dirty places. Sometimes, flies can infest residential or commercial areas.


What is Fly Control Services in Bangladesh?

Fly control services in Bangladesh implement different methods, repellents, and insect papers or traps to eliminate flies from an infested area. The services mainly include insecticide spraying or misting, fruit trap trick, bug zapper, and spraying essential oils.


What Services Does Pest Control Dhaka Offer to Control Fly Infestation?

As flies are acrobatic, they can be hard to catch. So, to control fly infestations or eliminate them, the methods need to be tricky and advanced.




And based on your need, infestation type, and budget, we provide conventional to advanced services. For better clarity, let’s jump into their descriptions –


1. Fly Traps

Flytrap service is mainly for indoor uses. If you are in a small apartment dealing with a fly infestation, we use different types of fly traps to bait, catch, and eliminate the flies.

Some flies thrive on fruits, and they are generally fruit flies. So if your place is infested by them, we set fruit traps to lure and catch them.

As they cannot resist a fruit treat, they sit on the traps. Once they land on the traps, the glues on them prevent them from flying.

Another plus of the traps is they break the breeding cycle of the fruit flies. So, they fail to spread the infestation.

For other species of flies that mainly land near the kitchen area, potted plants, houseplants, and window frames, we set sticky paper traps. And once these traps captivate enough flies, we dispose of them.

For clients that want odor or scent-free treatments, this service is more ideal than eco-friendly services. Because organic oils or sprays do leave a distinctive scent or residual odor.


2. Go-Green Treatment

We have included a go-green treatment service for environment enthusiasts. So, if you are against using chemical insecticides, you can consider taking this service. To implement the service we use solutions, liquids, and oils made of organic ingredients which are nature-friendly.

We generally spray repellents made from lavender oil, Neem, and lemongrass around breeding and landing areas. These natural sprays drive the flies away from your home.

However, this service is good for dealing with a small group of flies. For controlling flies in commercial areas, check out the next services.


3. Insecticide Misting

If the severity of the infestation is high and you are in densely populated or commercial areas, we apply insecticide misting. And the insecticides used are “quick-kill” graded. So, once the flies come in contact with the mist, they either die or leave the place instantly.

We do not use the aerosol or repellents found in the local markets. So, we do not need to spray the treatment area for up to two weeks. But if you use store-bought repellents, you need to spray continuously to deal with the flies.

Even continuous spraying does not control the whole infestation, unlike misting. So, if you are looking for a long-term result, this service can be your ideal choice.


4. Bug Zapper

The bug zapper is an insect killer trap or racket. This trap is a good choice to eliminate outdoor flies.

Once the flies land on the trap, we electrocute them. This service alone might not suffice to treat a large group of flies. So, we might combine other services with this one to produce the best result.


When to Call an Exterminator for Flying Pests?

Flying pests or flies is unpredictable. So, we do not recommend removing them on your own. Because not using the correct method or repellents can worsen the situation than it already is. If you can notice the signs described below, call an exterminator.




  • If you keep on hearing frequent and loud buzz sounds of flies, it indicates there are a large group of flies in your place. And you should call pest control before the flies spread the infestation.
  • Flies can spread disease. So, if you are often suffering from stomach aches, you should notice whether flies keep landing on your foods or cutleries. If yes, then there is a fly infestation that needs pest control’s attention.
  • In order to keep your pets and kids healthy and safe, you should eliminate flies immediately. And only exterminators can do the job better.


Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):


1. What is the best way to control flies?

The best way to control flies depends on the infestation and area you live in. If you are in a highly dense or damp area, insecticide misting and using bug zapper are the best ways to deal with the infestation.

But if the issue is not serious, using organic or chemical repellents will suffice.


2. How do you control flies naturally?

There are many organic repellents made from neem and essential oils that do not include harmful chemicals, they work pretty well in controlling flies. Also, you can use fruit traps or sticky paper to eliminate flies naturally.


3. What smell will keep flies away?

The scent or smell of cinnamon keeps flies away. Also, they cannot tolerate the pungent scent that comes from the turmeric powder. And spraying your home with essential oils will also keep them away.



For providing fly control services in Bangladesh, we try to use methods that not only eliminate infestation but also prevent recurring infestations. So, if you do not want to keep spraying insecticide every week, you can rely on us. We guarantee a long-lasting result with our diverse yet effective services.

Flying pests tend to infest your place at the same time. So, there is a high chance that you are dealing with mosquito issues too. If so, you can reach out to our mosquito control services in Bangladesh for help.



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