Bed Bugs Control Service in Bangladesh

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Bed Bugs Control Service in Bangladesh


One in every five households in Bangladesh encounters bed bug issues every year. And the bed bug infestation can spread from 20 to 30% due to ineffective Bedbug control services in Bangladesh.

But you can stop the spread if you get help from a pest control service that aims to exterminate all the bed bug infestations in the first go. And fortunately, our Pest Control Dhaka helpers can be your savior for that!

If you are in confusion regarding whether to seek help from professionals or not, you can go through our services listed below. And we will also suggest to you when to call professionals.

Bedbug Control Services


What is Bed Bug Infestation?

Bed bug infestation is nothing but a huge number of bloodsucking small bugs living and laying eggs under the layers of bedding or clothing at your place.


What Is Bed Bug Control Services in Bangladesh?

Bed bug control services in Bangladesh combine and implement different methods to get rid of bed bugs. The services mainly implement insecticide spraying, organic treatments, and fumigation to eliminate infestation.


When to Call Pest Control Dhaka Helpers?

There are times when you can get rid of bed bugs on your own, especially if there is no hidden infestation at your place. But some bed bugs are so good at hiding that the insect removal sprays are not enough to get rid of them.

In such cases, reaching out to professional exterminators is better. And below, we have listed down the signs and factors that will let you know when to call the helpers –


1. Odd Smell

Every home, office, hospital, or other private space has its share of smells. But sometimes, you can smell something odd at your place or around the furniture and mattresses. And if it smells slightly sweet and musty, it means that the bed bug infestations are spreading.

Even after spraying bug spray, the odd smell is not likely to go away. Why? Because the sprays are not effective enough to kill the bugs infestation. So, if the smell keeps worsening, it is a sign that you cannot deal with these bugs on your own.


2. Recurring Insect Issues 

Sometimes the infestation can be back after a few days of spraying the commercial sprays or using home remedies. It is a sign that the bugs were never really gone in the first place. They were hiding.

And if you keep suffering from allergic reactions, especially after lying down on the bed and sofa, it means that the bugs are continuously spreading the diseases. So, to resolve these recurring issues, you can count on our exterminators.



What Services Do We Offer?

Depending on the area of the infestation and the type of bed bugs, the services our Pest Control Dhaka team provides are different. No one method or service can deal with these pesky little creatures effectively. And here are our categorized processes and services you can expect to get from us –

1. Customized Pesticide Spraying

Almost every termite control service in Bangladesh provides a pesticide spraying service to remove bed bugs from small apartments or congested areas. But our helpers provide customized pesticide spraying services depending on the strains of the bed bugs.

We have come up with customized spraying to minimize the resistance of bed bugs. However, this service does include lethal chemical treatments. So, if you do not want any chemical services, do not worry, we provide non-chemical services as described below


2. Heat Treatment 

The pesticides can leave chemical residue around your home which can produce an odd smell. And the odd or chemical smell seems frustrating to many. Also, the residue can be harmful to your pets. Considering these factors, we provide heat treatment. And this service does not include any lethal chemical. So, based on your preferences, we can switch to this service.

Also, if you have layers of bedding in your home, the pesticides will not be effective to kill the bugs. But this service aims at killing the bugs hiding under the layers of mattresses or bedding. And the best part of taking up this service is your residence will be free from bed bug eggs too.


3. Steam Cleaning

Hands down, steam cleaning is also a non-chemical service that we provide. But the only difference is it doesn’t raise the temperature of your home, unlike the heat treatment.

Some infected areas can be full of bacteria. And steam cleaning helps to get rid of the bacteria. Also, if you are looking for a quick way to deal with bed bugs, this service is for you. Because it kills the bugs within around 90 minutes of cleaning. Impressive, eh?

Why Choose Pest Control Dhaka Helpers?

Pest Control Dhaka does not only care about your health, but we also care for your time and safety. Therefore, we provide 24/7 customer service so that we can prepare you to adjust to the surroundings in order to minimize any hazards.


Also, we assess our helpers before hiring. So you do not have to worry about your safety while letting them into your home. And we also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you do not get an effective result.



Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):


1. Are bed bugs common in Bangladesh?

Yes, bed bugs are common in Bangladesh. Bangladesh’s weather is one of the factors that help the bed bugs to thrive here. Also, not utilizing pest control treatments help the infestation to spread.

2. Which pest control is best for bed bugs?

Not all pest control can be as effective as you want them to be. You should always go for the one that provides a money-back guarantee, combined methods, and inspection.

3. How much does it cost to get bed bugs sprayed?

The cost to remove bed bugs can be different depending on the number of rooms, bed bugs, and infestation type. You can reach out to the customer service of the pest control team, and they will give you the exact cost required.

4. What is the standard treatment for bed bugs?

Using chemical treatment methods is considered one of the standard treatments for bed bugs. Usually, they handle the treatments with caution to minimize health hazards.





There are multiple bedbug control services in Bangladesh. But not all of them offer combined methods, preparation, customer service, and inspection, unlike our pest control Dhaka services. As we aim to provide an effective and trusted termite control service in Bangladesh , we categorize our processes according to your needs.

Also, we assess our helpers before hiring. After all, your safety matters the most to us.



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