Cockroach Control Service in Bangladesh

Cockroaches taking over your space? We’ve got you covered with our safe and effective cockroach control service in Bangladesh! Our experienced team offers affordable pricing and flexible scheduling options to fit your needs. Say goodbye to creepy crawlies and hello to a clean and healthy environment – contact us today to schedule your cockroach control service!



Cockroach Control Service in Bangladesh

About 40% of households and businesses in Bangladesh struggle with cockroach infestation issues every year. And not all cockroach control services in Bangladesh are good enough to prevent recurring infestation.

So, you might be in doubt about whether to contact pest control or not. But the categorized services our Pest Control Dhaka team provides will surely keep your place free from cockroaches for an extended period!

As most services apply chemical treatments, you fear contacting any professional. And we know that not all clients want services that leave chemical residue harmful to their health. Therefore, our services include non-smoke treatments as well that leaves no residue.


What is Cockroach Infestation?

A cockroach infestation is a gathering of a large number of cockroaches at your home or residence. These pesky little insects mainly infest under cabinets, beds, furniture sets, dark, and moist places.


What is Cockroach Control Service in Bangladesh?

Cockroach control services in Bangladesh try to eliminate cockroach infestations with various treatments. Experts mainly go for insecticide treatment, killer gel treatment, baits, and traps to treat the infestation.


Do You Need Pest Control Services to Remove Cockroaches?

There are home remedies available to get rid of cockroaches. So, you might think that you do not need help from professionals to deal with them. But not every time home remedies work, especially if there is an infestation. And the infestation leaves some signs that indicate that you need professional help. Here are the warning signs that you need to be familiar with –


1. Flakes around Your Home

If the number of cockroaches hiding at your place is high, you are more likely to see flakes of their skin all around your home. Indeed, the flakes are dark brown in color. And you will mainly notice them lying around on the floor, on fabric surfaces, and under furniture or cabinets. When the cockroaches thrive and increase resistance, they shed the flakes of their skin. And home remedies hardly work on these creatures. So, you must contact a pest control service. .


2.Fecal Matter

It can be gross to find out the fecal matter of cockroaches around your home. However, their droppings are small, so you can hardly see any unless you are looking carefully. You can find their droppings under the sink, corner of the home, and inside cabinets. It is a sign that they are large in number. And the droppings spread bacteria which you can hardly get rid of with DIY remedies. But our Pest Control Dhaka treatment services kill the germs and bacteria along with the infestation.


3.Seeing Cockroaches at Daytime

Cockroaches mainly come out at night to find food. So, you do not see them in the daytime often. But if you start seeing cockroaches during the daytime, it means they are not small in number anymore. As they have spread the infestation, the cockroaches come to find food during the daytime too. And you will find them mainly around your kitchen cabinets. If that is the case, call for pest control immediately.



What Services Pest Control Dhaka Offers to Kill Cockroaches?

Before you think of calling our team, you will surely want to get an insight into our cockroach control services in Bangladesh. We offer different and categorized services based on the strains and your preferences. And here are the services you can expect to get from us –

1.Insecticide Treatment

The insecticide treatment is a budget-friendly service. It is mainly effective for small rooms, homes, and apartments infected with a cockroach infestation. We mainly use bug sprays to provide this service. And the spray can easily spread throughout the hideouts of the cockroaches. So, if you live in a congested place, this service is for you.


2. Killer Gel Treatment

If you have pets or indoor plants, you will surely not want the bug sprays all around your home. Because the chemical residue is too harsh for them to inhale. So, to keep the air safer to breathe, we do offer killer gel treatment. Do remember that this service will start killing the cockroaches at a slower rate than the insecticide service we provide. But this treatment makes sure to spread the vicious gel from one cockroach to another. And it helps to minimize their resistance. So, with this service, you will not experience recurring bug issues.


3. Baits and Traps

Some cockroaches are so good at hiding that no spray or killer gel can do anything to them. And if you have too much furniture or goods at your home or business place, some hideouts can be tough to reach. Keeping these factors in mind, we have included baits and traps service as well. Cockroaches smoothly come out if you bait them with food or bait. So, we use ready-made glue traps and baits to attract them. Once they are in the rap, we kill them. And some cockroaches die due to the poisonous bait they eat. Even if some cockroaches do not come to eat the bait, you have nothing to worry about. Why? Because the poisonous bait that we use is effective for a longer time, unlike ordinary traps found on the market. So, when they eat the dead cockroaches that have the bait inside, the other cockroaches die too eventually.



Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):

How much does it cost to get rid of cockroaches in Bangladesh?

Unlike bed bug control services in Bangladesh it is not expensive to kill cockroaches. This is because most of the treatments and traps used in the services are available.


Can you ever permanently get rid of cockroaches?

If you use home remedies to kill cockroaches, they are more likely to come back. But if you want a permanent solution, you must get help from a pest control service.


Is an exterminator worth it for roaches?

Yes, an exterminator is worth it for roaches because they know the methods needed for different strains of cockroaches. Also, they prevent recurring infestation.


Can professionals get rid of cockroaches?

Yes, professionals are trained to remove cockroaches from hideouts. Also, they handle the process by minimizing health hazards.



A cockroach infestation can spread bacteria and illness throughout your home. And DIY or home remedies are not effective against these bacteria. So, for your and your pets’ health, contact professional helpers as soon as possible.



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